Musical Colours Update

August 23, 2012

I finally got around to completing my musical colours project:

  • Make the prototype permanent by building a perfboard arduino.
Includes the standard 5050 driver and usb to serial connection.

I wanted to keep the standard 5050 controller for general van lighting, controllable by the IR remote. I did this by using another transistor as a switch for the 12v line into the controller. One of the routines in the code then pushes the gate high to turn the controller on.

  • Put everything in a project box, with usb, audio passthrough, IR input and push button to cycle routines.

The button is connected to an interrupt, which is used in a switch case to change output: original 5050 controller, musical colours, temperature colours (see below).

  • I added a temperature diode – because I had one lying around – for a ‘temperature colours’ function.The function works by:
    • Detecting the temperature as a voltage.
    • Translating this into a temperature in degC.
    • Converting this to a 5 bit binary word (max temperature of 32deg).
    • Displaying the binary word using the LED strip (MSB first): red 1, blue 0, 1s duty cycle
    • Displaying a constant analogue colour depending on the temperature.