Musical Colours Update

I finally got around to completing my musical colours project:

  1. Make the prototype permanent by building a perfboard arduino.
    Includes the standard 5050 driver and usb to serial connection.

    I wanted to keep the standard 5050 controller for general van lighting, controllable by the IR remote. I did this by using another transistor as a switch for the 12v line into the controller. One of the routines in the code then pushes the gate high to turn the controller on.

  2. Put everything in a project box, with usb, audio passthrough, IR input and push button to cycle routines.

    The button is connected to an interrupt, which is used in a switch case to change output: original 5050 controller, musical colours, temperature colours (see below).

  3. I added a temperature diode – because I had one lying around – for a ‘temperature colours’ function.The function works by:
    • Detecting the temperature as a voltage.
    • Translating this into a temperature in degC.
    • Converting this to a 5 bit binary word (max temperature of 32deg).
    • Displaying the binary word using the LED strip (MSB first): red 1, blue 0, 1s duty cycle
    • Displaying a constant analogue colour depending on the temperature.

    Here it is in action (the reading is 11000 [24deg]):

10 replies on “Musical Colours Update”

Hi John,
I’m very interested in this project of yours.
I’ve been watching your YouTube videos in the past weeks, and I’m planning on doing something similar to your Musical Rainbows. The work you’ve done on the van is amazing!
Do you plan on selling an Arduino with your project on it, like a “work-out-of-the-box” thing?
Either way, I’d like to do that too in my room (with RGB) and car (without RGB).

Thanks! No plans to sell a kit I’m afraid. It’s a nice simple project though so give it ago, you’ll probably learn a lot and have fun in the process!

Hey..u havv done an awesome project..i had this idea in mind of controlling it with music as well as the remote control..i would be thankful if u would share the complete details.. the parts circuit diag and the program..thanks a ton..:) and come up with ideas like this..:)

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