Samsung Frame TV Oak Tripod Stand

September 23, 2018

Being part of a generation that doesn’t watch TV…except documentaries and films…and YouTube…ah well, might as well watch it on a big screen. Got a TV, a Samsung Frame – designed to look like a picture frame.

It can mount flush to a wall or be mounted on an easel inspired stand, which Samsung sell separately for £500.  I decided to have a go at making one myself.

The design is simple but required some thought and trigonometry, in order to get the TV mounted on the VESA mount just at the right position to rest on the joining platform. Photos speak for themselves.

I planned to get the design CNC cut as I didn’t trust my carpentry skills. Finding someone who could cut planned Oak was difficult however (due to the work holding) and I decided plywood wouldn’t cut the mustard. Instead, I laser-cut templates of the DXF exports and traced them with them jigsaw. It turned out OK; only minor fettling and wood filler involved.

Scribbles and sketches to calculate the trigamontry before CAD sketches.
CAD render
I first created a 1/25 scale model after CAD to get an idea of stability and design proportions
My model of the TV was critical in getting the stand to fit together first time and to validate my trigonometry
The front legs butt into a recess, with glue and a hidden screw for added confidence (the screw wouldn’t be required if my carpentry was better!). The rear is a slotted friction fit.
The VESA mount is just plywood and is not pretty…
The oak appears to blend into the rear of the TV. Getting the VESA mount just at the right height so that the TV rests on the joint required some maths…
The finished article!