john in his basement building a Nixie Pipe

/[A-z]+ware Engineer/g

A mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Bath, I also developed into an international mountain biker during my studies. Initially choosing to follow a career in cycling, I still had the maker mindset that lead me to pursue an engineering degree. I originally created this website to document projects that I complete around my racing and training, in order to keep my brain as active as my legs!

The blog has now been going since 2012 and is a history of my development as an engineer; the old posts are not a true reflection of my current skill level. I hope to continue updating this blog with personal projects and engineering tidbits throughout my life.

For my engineering career, see LinkedIn or contact me for an up to date CV. A brief summary:

  • Currently work at Specialized Europe in Turbo innovation; CAN bus, BLE, embedded, doing cool things…, department visit.
  • Have contributed to Linux.
  • Main interest is embedded but am a generalist, hence /[A-z]+ware Engineer/g. One can see examples of that on this blog.
  • Worked as a consultant for new product development teams are well known public companies.
  • Consulted on venture capital product development projects.

JBR Engineering Research Limited is the name of my engineering company, which I sell my products under and provide consulting. See the landing page here: JBR Engineering Website and Shop.

For more details of my (now dated!) cycling career, visit:


I can be contacted by email: j+blog at [GPG], or Telegram