john in his basement building a Nixie Pipe

/[A-z]+ware Engineer/g

A mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Bath, I also developed into an international mountain biker during my studies. Initially choosing to follow a career in cycling, I still had the maker mindset that lead me to pursue an engineering degree. I originally created this website to document projects that I complete around my racing and training, in order to keep my brain as active as my legs!

The blog has now been going since 2012 and is a history of my development as an engineer; the old posts are not a true reflection of my current skill level. I hope to continue updating this blog with personal projects and engineering tidbits throughout my life.

For my engineering career, see LinkedIn or contact me for an up to date CV.

JBR Engineering Research Limited is the name of my engineering company, which I sell my products under and provide consulting. See the landing page here: JBR Engineering Website and Shop.

For more details of my (now dated!) cycling career, visit:

I can be contacted by email: j+blog at [GPG], or Telegram