Electronics Fabrication Mechanical Programming

Nixie Pipe – Modern Day LED Nixie Tube

Nixie Pipe is my interpretation of a modern day Nixie Tube – the cold-cathode vacuum gas-filled tubes from the 1960s. The project came about when I decided to make a clock for my kitchen, with specific requirement for an egg timer function! I’ve always wanted to make a Nixie Tube clock but having completed a […]

Electronics Fabrication Mechanical Modification

SoundBar VU Meter Laminated Wooden Speaker

I felt that the battery powered Bluetooth speaker I made could be improved with more colour! Taking a leaf from the VU meters on amplifiers of the 80s, I decided it would be neat to sandwich clear acrylic between the plywood layers, each with an integrated LED that would form a full body amplitude meter. […]


Boblight with Raspbmc – Ambilight Clone

When I first started seeing the Ambilight (Philips’s lighting system that allows the display to bleed out) clones popping up I knew I wanted to create one myself. The open-source system has been fairly well refined to this point, such that it is pretty much plug and play with Raspbmc (XBMC for the Raspberry Pi). […]

Electronics Programming

Light Feedback – Playing Halo with an Arduino

Fabrication Mechanical Modification Programming

HDD Clock

With a cupboard full of old hard drives and some spare time, I recently set about making a persistence of vision clock. Using the platter of a hard disk, a slot is cut to allow backlighting to be emit. When the disk is spinning at 5400rpm+ and backlight constant, the disk appears opaque, as the […]

Electronics Fabrication Programming

Musical Rainbows in the Van

I always intended on creating my own driver for the LED lights in my van but with the thieving skum pointlessly taking the remote for the included unit, I was spurred into action. Having installed a sound system, a musical light system was a given, to enable the van to live up to the Bang […]